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Nico Weber Kwartett

The Nico Weber Kwartett found together at the Landes-Jugendjazzorchester Bavaria while playing together with the New York Voices. The four young musicians Maxim Burtsev, Jakob Jaeger, Pascal Haas and Nico Weber are also studying together at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.
Bass player Jakob Jaeger and the piano player Maxim Burstev won the national prize of Jugend Musizert with their project Trialog in 2019. In the same year drummer Pascal Haas won a Berkley scholarship and played together with Dennis Montgomery III. Now Nico Weber started to write music for his Kwartett during the Covid-19 pandemic. His compositions show personality; distinctive melodies interwoven with expressive textures of the rhythm section. Manifold compositions that bring diverse sound experiences and emotions on stage while connecting the jazz tradition with new ideas.

With my jazz combo I perform different jazz standards my originals and arrangements.

Nico Weber tp
Maxim Burtsev p
Jakob Jäger b
Pascal Haas dr

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(C) Nico Weber